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11 Oct 2015, 23:00
SIP disabled but FP not working
I have disabled SIP on El CRAPITAN as I use developer-grade software (primarily cold fusion for html access to sql database) and El CRAP diables Java and denies me installing Virtual Machines to CF relies on
El CRAP also diables all my favourite GUI tweaks - FP, Flavours, cDock, Bartender etc etc - all how I want MY mac to run/look

so have disabled SIP but FP 257 doesn't work - error message that hangs System Preferences "this version is not compatible with MacOS 10.11 - this Mac has 10.11.0"
should I reinstall FP 256 or install for all users or other alternative?

FP is a critical utility so I really would like to get it back
any advice/suggestions welcomed
thanks all
11 Oct 2015, 23:16
Re: SIP disabled but FP not working
Have you tried the "might work on el capitan" version, which bumps the version check?

12 Oct 2015, 03:16
Re: SIP disabled but FP not working
great - got it working, was unaware of the 'it might work on el crapitan' version
many thanks for your help