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Who What
25 Jul 2015, 00:48
Mac OS X 10.11 (Public Beta 2)
Very interested in knowing if a new update would be available for the Mac OS X 10.11 Public Beta 2?
Was very attached to my previously working FinderPop.
Had sent an email regarding the same question to the developer but have had no response.
Thank you in advance.

Ken Brussack
25 Jul 2015, 07:46
Re: Mac OS X 10.11 (Public Beta 2)
What email address did you use for me? normally works fine...
In any event, see here:


Short answer: El Capitan with rootless security will be difficult. Possibly very difficult indeed. Plus I'm up the walls with real work at the moment and can't devote a whole lot of time to this for the next month or more unfortunately.