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01 Apr 2015, 13:39
FB not starting at login (Yosemite)
Hello all..
On a Mac running Yosemite, FinderPop 2.5.7 will not start up automatically at login..
i checked the login items, and the daemon is there, but i have to go into the panel and click 'off', then 'on' again, then it works..
Note that i have the security setting to allow apps from any developer...
Any help appreciated,
Be Well,
08 Apr 2015, 23:16
Re: FB not starting at login (Yosemite)
i think maybe it's a problem with TotalFinder, but i have yet to troubleshoot..
does anyone have this problem?
09 Apr 2015, 12:44
Re: FB not starting at login (Yosemite)
I don't use TotalFinder but AFAIK it used to work OK with FinderPop.

Do you have a huge number of startup items?
It is as if the FinderPop daemon is not being started when you start up. Anything of interest in the logs?
11 Apr 2015, 19:49
Re: FB not starting at login (Yosemite)
I just have the same few startup items i'e had for years : iTunesHelper, smcFanControl, BwanaDik, gfxCardStatus (modified to turn on discrete graphics at startup), GeekTool Helper, TotalFinder, and, of course, finderpop-daemon...

Incidentally, i tried removing finderpop-daemon and re-adding it, but it has made no difference..

Oddly enough, FinderPop sometimes works at startup since i've updated to 10.10.3 (from 10.10.2)..

I haven't found anything of particular interest in the logs; only 2 entries that both just say:
finderpop-daemon: ApplePersistence=NO

Please don't concern yourself with this too much.. i hope i'll eventually figure out what's happening, and, if i do, will report back here...

I can't thank you enough for FinderPop! i've been using it since you first created it for MacOS 8 (or 9, i forget, it was a while ago..)
Be Well,