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Who What
03 Nov 2014, 16:46
Re: Dropbox Sync Help
FinderPop looks for a folder or an alias called FinderPop Items inside your user's Library folder. If it's an alias, it can point anywhere you want, presumably including your DropBox.
Disclaimer: I have not tried DropBox specifically but it should just work,

Patrick Walker over at RocketInk mentions that he keeps his FinderPop Items folder on Dropbox to share between his Macs.
(His write-up is also well worth a read for an introduction to FinderPop.)

I think newer versions of the OS X Finder hide the user's Library folder by default, but you can still access the location of your FinderPop Items folder via the FinderPop preference pane- in the Items tab, click the "Show FinderPop Items Folder" button, which will switch you to the Finder with your FinderPop Items folder frontmost. Now press Command - UpArrow to show the parent folder (/Users/yournamehere/Library IIRC). You can then play with the FinderPop Items folder, moving it elsewhere and placing an alias appropriately.

If you mess around with the FinderPop Items folder location, you should probably turn FinderPop off and then back on again in the FinderPop preference pane, just to be on the safe side.