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Who What
30 Sep 2014, 06:43

It will be great if, when you click on Deplace button, you can choose the destination of the file. Not automatically in Finderpop elements.
I'm sorry for my bad english
Thanks anyway.
30 Sep 2014, 10:42
Re: Deplacement
Hmm, I'm not sure what you're asking for, sorry.

Did you try the 'Move To...' Applescript found in the 'FinderPop Extras' folder? Maybe it will do what you want (it's in English but is fairly simple.)
Put the script file inside your 'FinderPop Items' folder.
Next time you control-click a file in the Finder that you wish to move somewhere, you can choose 'Move To...' and it will ask you to choose the folder to which you wish to move the file...