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30 Sep 2014, 03:05
FP 2.5.7 - Permissions Error -8 on PPC 10.5.8
I installed FP 2.5.7 on an iMac Core Duo under 10.7, no problems.

But. . .trying to install is on a PowerPC under 10.5.8, I get an error after I am asked to input my administrator name and password:

"FinderPop was unable to install properly (error -8)

it looks like FinderPop is being installed on a volume with "Ignore ownership" set, which means permissions are ignored. Please install FinderPop on a permissions-capable volume"

The problem is that this is my main hard drive and the "Ignore ownership" flag is NOT set. I made sure to unzip the file with Apple's built-in Archive Utility.

And here's the kicker -- I can't downgrade to a previous version of FP! Every time I try to install ANY version of FP, I get this error. Everything was working fine before this. I even ran Disk Utility and Disk Warrior and checked my disk, and there are no problems with the disk or permissions settings.

Finally, here's the console log:

9/29/14 8:54:47 PM [0x0-0x6c06c].com.apple.systempreferences[585] chgrp: you are not a member of group procmod
9/29/14 9:01:19 PM System Preferences[617] FinderPop::chgrp_fp_daemon '/Users/mws/Library/PreferencePanes/FinderPop.prefPane/Contents/Resources/finderpop-daemon.app/Contents/MacOS/finderpop-daemon' -> st_gid 20 != PROCMOD_GROUP_ID (9) or bad st_mode 81ed
9/29/14 9:01:19 PM System Preferences[617] ### FinderPop: chgrp_fp_daemon status -8
9/29/14 9:01:19 PM [0x0-0x71071].com.apple.systempreferences[617] chgrp: you are not a member of group procmod


Forgot to mention that I had updated my PPC machines against the Shellshock bash bug using the method outlined here:

http://tenfourfox.blogspot.com/2014/09/ ... dated.html

Perhaps the new version of bash & sh are interferring with the permissions setting? How do I work around it to get FP working again?

EDIT #2:

A user on the PowerPC sub-forums of the Mac Rumors forum solved it:

http://forums.macrumors.com/showpost.ph ... stcount=57

It seems that FP doesn't like the most recent compiled, Shellshock-patched version of bash (4.3.27) for PPC. Rolling back to the original Apple-supplied version fixed the problem, but then leaves the system open to the Shellshock vulnerabilites. So, I needed to rollback to the original, install FP, and then install the Shellshock-patched version. This required a few trips to the Terminal, but it works.

I know that is is asking a lot to support these old PPC machines in this day and age and this is a totally obscure and unpredictable incompatibility. Hopefully you can figure out what is going one. Please look at the links I provided for more info.

30 Sep 2014, 10:35
Re: FP 2.5.7 - Permissions Error -8 on PPC 10.5.8
Whoa, that's an odd one.
I'll investigate ... but I don't have a PPC 10.5 machine to try it out. I have occasional access to a PowerBook G4 with 10.4.11 (the owner doesn't want to upgrade.)
Thanks for the links and the detective work!
30 Sep 2014, 13:30
Re: FP 2.5.7 - Permissions Error -8 on PPC 10.5.8
Hmm, looking at those links and your output, it is as if the shell commands I am trying to execute are not executing in the sudo privileged context you get when you enter your password.
It is likely that bash has changed to be "more secure" since that code was written back in 2007 and the new bash does not really run my daemon setup-up commands with root privileges.

You are in effect replacing the 7-year-old OSX 10.5 version of bash with a much more modern version, this may have unforeseen side-effects like you just saw (and maybe others that you haven't seen yet.)

For other readers, unless you are allowing remote ssh access to your machine or are running a web server or other server that allows server-side scripting, you probably don't need to worry about shellshock:
http://apple.stackexchange.com/question ... lshock-bug

Apple have officially released updated bashes for 10.{7,8,9}.5

I will have a look at this hopefully at the weekend but I can't promise anything !
30 Sep 2014, 13:43
Re: FP 2.5.7 - Permissions Error -8 on PPC 10.5.8
Thanks, Turly!

What's weird is that FP installed just fine under 10.7.5 Intel with that exact same patch installed (I installed the patch before Apple released the "official" version). Looking at my entire console log, it stalled out every time FP called bin/sh IF sh was updated to the patched version. Under the original 10.5 version of sh, everything is hunky-dory. So, yeah, weird.

But even though folks don't have to worry about Shellshock, I like to keep my systems as up-to-date as I can. This 10.5 G4 is my main home machine because it just works; I have it set up exactly the way I like it and it suits my needs (minimal web browsing, word processing, streaming iTunes to the rest of the house, etc.) My kids have other, newer machines and I have a newer machine at work.

Like I said, I know supporting PPC is a labor of love, so thanks for efforts!
30 Sep 2014, 13:59
Re: FP 2.5.7 - Permissions Error -8 on PPC 10.5.8
FinderPop uses a different patching mechanism in 10.6 and later which explains why you don't see issues with FP and the updated bash.

Hopefully I'll be able to find some kind of workaround for the issue though.