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Who What
09 Jun 2014, 16:53
Import . . .
I want to import all the stuff stored on my old iMac (FinderPop 2.5/July 2013) and put it onto a Mac mini late 2012. 10.8.5 on both machines.
Please give me a how-to. Would any cloud could do this job?

Berlin, Germany
10 Jun 2014, 12:20
Re: Import . . .
Umm, assuming you're talking about just the FinderPop-related stuff, copying the FinderPop Items folder from one machine to the other should do the trick.
This assumes that any aliases or symlinks you have in the older machine's FinderPop Items folder will also be valid on the new machine, and if not, you'll need to re-create the aliases.

You can copy the FinderPop prefs from one machine to the other by copying the com.finderpop.finderpop.plist file from your Library/Preferences folder.