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14 Apr 2014, 10:36
Finderpop inline "Open with" stopped working
Hi, all. Not sure when this started, but it's recent, and it's still a problem in the 2.5.4 beta : the wonderfully useful inline Finderpop Items are not opening their respective files any more. When I right-click on a file and try to open it with, say, Photoshop, the Mac will switch immediately to Photoshop (or launch it if it isn't open), but it won't open the file(s) I've just selected. Has anyone else seen this? Any clues on how to fix it? I've trashed Prefs and reinstalled, I've rebuilt the Finderpop Items folder, to no avail.

Thanks in advance !
14 Apr 2014, 12:03
Re: Finderpop inline "Open with" stopped working
Anyone else seeing this?
It looks like FinderPop is not "seeing" whatever you right-clicked in the Finder... what OS are you on?
Is the "Folder Actions" service enabled? FP requires this.
17 Apr 2014, 18:31
Re: Finderpop inline "Open with" stopped working
Thanks Turly, that was it. Folder Actions wasn't enabled. I must've turned it off when I went through the Services recently. Cheers, I owe you a pint.