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Who What
26 Mar 2014, 17:57
Re: Install for individual user not all users?
Hey CrlyWrly,

1) Yes there will be a glitch, unfortunately - FP may not be able to patch sandboxed apps if you're installed for an individual user. Luckily there aren't that many sandboxed apps in 10.7. And if you don't care about clicking-in-unused-menubar in TextEdit, for example, you should be fine.

2) Is turning FinderPop OFF for the other user not enough? Will he still be annoyed to see the FinderPop prefPane in System Preferences?
02 Apr 2014, 14:58
Re: Install for individual user not all users?
Odd about FP uninstalling woes, but if you were already having issues, who knows.

Picked Egg or some pork scratchings as well, while I am going to the bar? (I've put a mark on that glass, by the way)

I haven't had a pickled egg since I lived in England in the early 90s, they were tasty with a pint :-)

Thanks for letting me know about the marker, I'll top up your pint with the rancid water from the vase of flowers on the table.
Mind you, if your pint is Victoria Bitter, the rancid flower-vase water would be a vast improvement. What a god-awful beer.