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Who What
09 Aug 2009, 09:10
[forum RSS feeds now available]
After much weeping and gnashing of teeth, RSS feeds are finally available for the FinderPop Support Forum.

Or they should be, at any rate. Hey, they work fine on my machine!

It was like pulling teeth, I think I tried 3 different RSS packages and eventually got one to work by dint of assiduous cajoling, tweaking and caressing, only having to resort to outright threats a couple of dozen times.

I should have learned my lesson from the phpBB2 -> phpBB3 "upgrade" debacle and used another forum package :-/
Onan I. Land
20 Aug 2009, 19:12
Re: [forum RSS feeds now available]
I don't know why... All of my rss links are dead ?
Thanks for FinderPop.
21 Aug 2009, 12:32
Re: [forum RSS feeds now available]
Odd, they show up OK in Google Reader for me.
Unfortunately the "Show Original Item" link doesn't work for some reason which I'll figure out later...