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25 Oct 2013, 16:14
icon (un)clutter
Old mystery: the Finder for no reason at all occasionally resets the manual order of Icons on the Desktop and in other folders. I don't know whether this remained a problem in later Finder versions. An Onyx run can also reset these DS. Reordering them by hand is, well, no fun.

The several applications which restore the manual order only work on the Desktop: Desktility (still works fine up to SL at least) and Desptop Saver for Icon Positions (sic!).

What about the subfolders? Could FP remember custom icon (.DS) settings for subfolders as require and restore them as needed?
27 Oct 2013, 17:17
Re: icon (un)clutter
I think that kind of thing is waaay beyond the remit of a utility like FinderPop...