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02 Oct 2013, 22:20
Strange FinderPop/LaunchServices Conflict...
First Off - FinderPop is the SHIZNIT and I cannot imagine Mac Life without it. My first child's middle-name will be FinderPop!

OK, now onto my concern. I have noted that with absolute perfect repeatability, FinderPop will get into an unrecoverable loop each time I do system maintenance (with OnyX and reset launch services) on the next time I use it to open a document that requires a downloaded app - "You are opening Such and Such program for the first time, are you sure you want to open..."

I will not be able to click OK and the entire computer becomes completely unusable as all GUIs seem to be wrapped up in the problem. The only way to get out of it seems to be to unplug the computer OR, to use the forced-shutdown command from Terminal (since terminal bypasses all GUI).

There never seems to be an error in the logs and CPU usage doesn't seem to be more than 5% or so, but I just cannot get it release. Is there a way to get FinderPop to back out of the process if a Launch Services dialog appears? :shock:
02 Oct 2013, 22:21
Re: Strange FinderPop/LaunchServices Conflict...
P.S. My system is Dual 1.42 GHz G4 MDD running OSX 10.4.11.

Problem most often manifests when opening a video file from my movies folder - all movies are set to open with VLC.
03 Oct 2013, 11:23
Re: Strange FinderPop/LaunchServices Conflict...
I'll have a look at that - I don't do anything special with launch services so I'm a bit puzzled as to what could be going on.
I'm on holiday atm (sunny Lanzarote) so will have a look @ the weekend. Might be interesting as I no longer have a PPC Mac to play with!
I'm wondering if there's some horrible interaction with FP's control-free popup - try disabling it if you're using it?
03 Oct 2013, 16:35
Re: Strange FinderPop/LaunchServices Conflict...
No worries! I am a bit handy at scripting. Will probably eventually just make a helper that detects when I do maintenance and triggers the offending apps to open on the first restart after to get the dialog taken care of.

Thanks again for this AMAZING App. I am an art photographer and if you would like, I will be doing a print run this Winter, and would be happy to send you a signed one in thanks. You can see a few here, or if you want to see a larger selection to choose from, just drop me a line. (might need to click-off "Worksafe Mode" in the upper-right corner to view).

FinderPop has not only kept my MDD useful, but in a few ways a bit MORE user friendly than my snarky MountainLion/Ubuntu/Windows8 comrades!

Adam :0)