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Who What
29 Aug 2013, 09:28
FinderPop and Google Chrome Browser
If you don't use Chrome, nothing to see here ... :-)

The reason FinderPop doesn't work in Google Chrome is because Chrome has a whitelist of bundles it will load, and FinderPop is not in that whitelist.
I have opened a ticket to add FinderPop to their whitelist, but it appears to be languishing. So if you want FP to load on Chrome, it might be worth voting for this (click on the star in the top left corner of the page): ... ?id=267571

It is possible to force Chrome to load FinderPop by moving FinderPop.osax into the same location as all the Apple osaxen, but this is completely skanky, not really supported by the current version of FinderPop, doesn't play nice with Chrome, and as such I cannot recommend it.