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01 Oct 2012, 23:25
One of my FinderPop Items Test Folders
Someone just sent me an email asking about moving the FP Processes menu towards the top of the FP menu.
This was a bit of my answer, reproduced here in case people don't bother with the manual.
You can do a fair bit of customisation of the FP menus (even running .fpsh scripts which could dynamically add and remove items from the 'FinderPop Items' folder.)

Here's one of my test FP Items folders for example - it results in an FP menu with apps / desk / procs submenus at the top and a bunch of other stuff at the bottom.

00)apps-!!a                          [this is an empty folder but the -!!a means an Apps submenu
01)desk-!!d                          [Desktop submenu]
02)procs-!!p                         [Processes submenu]
05)----                              [this is a blank line in the menu
07)prefpn-!!n                        [Preference Panes submenu]
Create New---C                            [alias to
Finder Recent---R                    [this is the Finder's "Go" menu
Finder-Bollocksfndr-!!!              [this is only appears in the Finder
FinderPop Itemsfsel-!!!              [this only appears if you ctrl-click a Finder item
InlinedInMbar-!!i-!!m                [folder containing items to be inlined if you clicked in an unused bit of the menubar
InlinedWithFinderSel---f---i         [folder containing items to be inlined if you right-clicked on an item in the Finder
InlineTest ttxt-!!!-!!i              [folder with items inlined into the FinderPop menu if TextEdit is the current app
NonFinder-Bollocks!fndr-!!!          [Appears only if current app is NOT the Finder
OnlyMbar-!!m                         [Appears only if it's a menubar-click
Remote Desktop
TargetDirNoFinderSel-!!N             [Appears in Finder if you had nothing selected
TargetDirWithFinderSel-!!f           [Appears in Finder if something was selected
TrashFeck@                           [symlink to the Trash folder /Users/turly/.Trash
名称未設定フォルダ                      [this is a labelled item in a non-Roman script

Like I say, that's a test folder but it illustrates some of what can be done with FP.

One of these days I might even write a UI for it :-)