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Who What
30 Nov 2011, 18:32
Re: FinderPop menu in other applications
Unfortunately contextual menu support in non-Finder apps only works in 10.4 and 10.5.
I really need to update that UI.

What exactly are you hoping a FinderPop contextual menu in Safari would do (like, give me an example.) Are you sure you don't need the Services menu instead?
02 Dec 2011, 23:18
Re: FinderPop menu in other applications
I'd like to do some simple CTI (computer-telephony integration) by selecting a phone number in Safari or an email, then calling a shell script that I wrote which would use the selected phone number as command line argument to send to my IP phone via its web interface. Apparently there's no (commercial or freeware) application on the market for Mac OS, whereas a plethora of (TAPI-based) CTI solutions exist for Windows.

I'd be really delighted to hear about a way of achieving that different from what I'm envisioning above. Maybe you could elaborate on your suggestion with the Services menu (which I am not aware of).


03 Dec 2011, 20:24
Re: FinderPop menu in other applications
Google is your friend :-)

See for a how-to on building your own text service using OS X's Automator app.

For your needs, you'll want to ensure that your service receives "TEXT INPUT" from "ANY APPLICATION"
(ie that once you've got some text selected in an app, your service will be enabled.)

You should be able to get the service to run an Applescript with whatever text the user selected as a script parameter...