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Who What
04 Oct 2011, 06:35
Pass Finder selection to AppleScript?
From the manual, "If you select a compiled AppleScript file (i.e., a file ending in '.scpt'), FinderPop will execute the script. Note however that FinderPop does not currently pass the [Finder] selection to the Applescript."

Since you say, "does not currently", does that mean you are considering adding this functionality? If so, I hope you can and will do that. If not, shell scripts work well for this, but I would prefer doing it all via AppleScript.
08 Oct 2011, 21:34
Re: Pass Finder selection to AppleScript?
Fixed in 2.4.1
You'll need an "on run argv ... end run" handler so you can see the selection passed to you.
08 Oct 2011, 22:17
Re: Pass Finder selection to AppleScript?
turly wrote:Fixed in 2.4.1

Wow! Thanks a million (er, a pint), Turly! :D