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19 Sep 2011, 06:42
Lion : Permissions issue (bug?) with Preview
Hi Turly,

I have been running into a bug, both on FP and now 2.4.

I have Preview as one of my FP Items. When I select a bunch of images in the Finder, right-click to open them with Preview (and Preview is closed), I get this warning (see attached image).
Now that Preview is open, if I do the right-click a second time, the images open as expected. This has been going on since Lion, and only happens with Preview and FP's Items. It's entirely reproducible for me, on two different machines.

The images are bog-standard PNGs or JPGs created by Photoshop, or my digital camera.
Checking their permissions shows them to be as follows : riczito(Me):RW, staff:R, everyone:R

Thanks for any advice!

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Re: Lion : Permissions issue (bug?) with Preview

Postby turly » 19 Sep 2011, 08:01

That's a bit odd, I'll have a look at that when I get back to my Mac tonight.

What app is running when that dialog appears? Preview? Or is it the Finder?

FinderPop does no special permissions checking, it just asks the app to open whatever files you had selected...
19 Sep 2011, 13:15
Re: Lion : Permissions issue (bug?) with Preview
Hi Turly,

Yeah, it's Preview. It starts up, pauses (for a length of time dependant on how many images I've selected), then shows the dialog. If I dismiss it and try again, Preview shows me the images as normal.
24 Sep 2012, 11:09
Re: Lion : Permissions issue (bug?) with Preview
Hi Turly,

Just a heads-up to let you know that this is still an issue, even with 2.4.4.

First time I do a right-click (with Preview closed) on some images and select Preview to open them, I get that dialog. If I dismiss the dialog and try again, the images open fine. Not sure if it's Preview issue or a FP issue. I've done the obvious permission repairs etc. No change.

30 Sep 2012, 15:51
Re: Lion : Permissions issue (bug?) with Preview
I've tried to reproduce this, to no avail. Exactly what are the permissions of the problematic files?
Can you fire up and type this without pressing 'RETURN'

ls -la

Add a space at the end, then drag one of the problematic files you're trying to Preview onto the window - which should insert the full path of the file. Then press RETURN.
For the files I was testing, I got this:
-rw-r--r--  1 turly  staff  672545 14 Jan  2009 /Volumes/490/turly/Passport-NIE/nie.jpg

which means that I (turly) have read-write access to the file in question.
What do you see?

(The reason I ask this is because the Finder Get Info permissions sometimes doesn't tell the whole story, I assume that's what you used above.)