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Who What
02 Aug 2011, 22:04
Lion, FP and iCal bug

Recently upgraded to Lion. Went fine, except that iCal immediately crashed on launch. In the guest accouint it did not crash so I knew it was something in the Home folder. After days of hair pulling and deleting caches, ical prefs and calendar prefs to no avail, deactivated Finderpop and iCal launched!
Reactivated FP and added iCal to the list of applications not to be patched by Finderpop. iCal launched again, no problems.
Using FP 2.3.9 of Monday, 18th July 2011, “Lion Salient”.

Andrew Gara
03 Aug 2011, 07:19
Re: Lion, FP and iCal bug
Hey Andrew - you need to upgrade to of Tuesday July 26 :-)
03 Aug 2011, 22:05
Re: Lion, FP and iCal bug
Thanks Turly, that did it!