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Who What
21 Jul 2011, 10:31
OS X Lion Safari and FP 2.3.x
I am using the latest FP Betas with OSX Lion and find that Safari crashes whenever FP is active. Does anybody else have this problem?

-- ks
21 Jul 2011, 11:21
Re: OS X Lion Safari and FP 2.3.x
I'm talking via email with another user with this problem. He has a utility called Antidote installed which FP may be interfering with.
I don't use Safari much but haven't noticed any issues with it, will have a look again when I get home tonight.
Any other hints? Can you email me a crash report? turly@finderpop.com will get me...
22 Jul 2011, 11:41
Re: OS X Lion Safari and FP 2.3.x
It turns out FinderPop has a problem patching 32-bit apps in 10.7. I'll release a fix for this tonight!

So if your Safari is running in 32-bit mode, FP will cause it to crash.
You can make Safari run in 64-bit mode by using Get Info on Safari.app - there's a checkbox.

Apologies to those affected!