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12 Jul 2011, 20:12
FinderPop BETA
FinderPop Beta (imaginatively tagged "Lion Salient") is now available.

  • MacOS X 10.7 Lion compatibility
    FinderPop now requires authorisation when installing on 10.6 or 10.7 - it installs the Scripting Addition (osax) into
    /Library/ScriptingAdditions instead of in your home directory's ~/Library/ScriptingAdditions
  • Control-free popup now works more reliably in the 10.7 Finder, as does clicking in "List View" windows

    Note that there may still be a couple of minor quirks with FinderPop in the Lion Finder - I'll get around to fixing them once Lion is officially released.

    Previous fixes:
    • Basic Lion compatability - FinderPop now requires authorisation when installing on 10.6 or 10.7 - it installs the Scripting Addition (osax) into /Library/ScriptingAdditions instead of in your home directory.
    • Updated localisations for the new "Aliases in Italics" checkbox - thanks to all the localisers!
    • New click-in-unused-menubar code for 10.6 and 10.7 ("Lion") - thanks to Rene for testing this
    • When "Use custom icons" is turned off, apps now appear with a generic application icon rather than as a folder (err, whoops)
    • Bump maximum number of Recent Items to 16 (this was already the max, I just added 13, 14, 15 and 16 to the popup menus)
    • Labels and Cmd+Option "Info Window" on Snow Leopard Finder, incomplete but it's a start.
    • Fixed a number of longstanding alias bugs
    • Italicised Aliases now possible via checkbox in Appearance pane
    • Labels displayed for aliases use the alias's label, not the target's.
    • Some 10.7 "Lion" compatibility (thanks, Rene)
    • Folders with .fp-ignore files inside are ignored (I just installed Office 2011 and wanted FinderPop to completely ignore my previous Office 2008 install.)
    • Fix 64-bit Cocoa "unused menubar" check - no longer causes a crash in Photoshop if you choose 'Invert Selection' (thanks to Dave for the prod - I wasn't restoring the OpenGL context properly!)
    • Fix 64-bit Cocoa "unused menubar" check so it obeys the "must-be-control-click-in-menubar" setting
    • Ignore .plugin files when creating "All Apps" submenu (for items ending in '---a'.)
    • Add 'quit' AppleEvent handler to finderpop-daemon. A forum user was having problems with FinderPop apparently causing a hang on shutdown/restart/logout. This may help matters.
    • Fix a Snow Leopard bug spotted by cowicide where clicking-and-holding on an alias didn't pop up a Contents menu when it should have.
    • Fix a bug where ctrl-clicking on an alias A to a folder B would mistakenly allow you to move/copy/alias A into B's children.
    • Improved German localisation - thanks Hajo Bass who sent me the improvements back in August and I'm only incorporating them now - sorry!
    • More complete Italian localisation - thanks Mauro Ferreri and Nello Martuscelli

What remains to be done:

* Contextual Menu Support in apps other than the Finder on Snow Leopard

If you're installing this over a previous beta, you'll have to restart or logout for it to take effect.

As usual, if there are any issues with this, reply here in the forum!
12 Jul 2011, 22:26
Re: FinderPop BETA
Thanks man!