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15 Aug 2010, 10:56
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Hi, Turly!

Hope Ale's ok in Cork :-)

Squeeze menus seems to have no effect (w. FP Menufont size 10 instead of default)
Folders will - occasionaly - decline to be moved to other folders
Finder Control Free popup - occasionally - seems to be broken
Just my reminder: Coloured Finder labels :-)

A tip (trivial but I'm using it):
go to FP Items folder (Pref.Panes>FP>Items);
press Cmd-i on its folder-symbol;
click its icon in the info-window
paste a new icon (fi: copy any image from anywhere like Finder, Preview, image-software etc. and paste it there)
It will appear in the short list IF FP ist set to not /Online FP Items into main contextual menu/ (Pref.Panes>FP>Appearance)