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Who What
14 Aug 2010, 22:37
Re: What is the correct way to uninstall FP?
There's a button marked 'Uninstall FinderPop' in FinderPop's "Etc." pane.
It does what you did manually, there should be nothing related to FinderPop remaining after you're done (with the exception of the FinderPop Items folder, which you can delete at your leisure.)

I don't think those 'throttling respawn' messages have anything to do with FinderPop.
In fact, it looks like it's trying to do something with something called 'installAssistant'?

BTW, the reason you couldn't empty the trash (with FinderPop.prefPane inside) was probably because the FinderPop daemon was still running. (Turning FP off would have killed the daemon first.)