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26 May 2010, 07:40
moving objects occasionally not working
Hi, Turly!

moving an item (more often w. Folder than w. doc/ single item) to a folder by way of
click on item > navigate to target folder in the FP menu > choose move or copy or alias
does not always work. The new green arrow indicator does not appear, the item is not moved, folder opens instead.

The workaround may be deactivate & activate FP in Pref-Panels or restart Finder or just ignore fir a while, it'll work again.
I have activated the Services ...> Folder Actions setup… thing, and it happened also immediately thereafter (did not work, then worked on third try).

26 May 2010, 08:22
Re: moving objects occasionally not working
Hey Vlad - presumably you're on 10.6.3. I will have a look into this some more, the method I use to get what was clicked on in the Finder is a bit hairy. Seems to work for most people though...
26 May 2010, 19:52
Re: moving objects occasionally not working
Yes, I'm as always on the latest as soon as I catch wind about it...

However, this seems to be a problem of the last few versions under SnowLeopard - just like, just to remind you, (-: Finder labels...

Thank you - and all the best!
10 Jul 2010, 19:16
Re: moving objects occasionally not working
Folders won't get moved (won't show the green (+) ).
It may happen after resetting the Finder (which also seems to cause problems to moveAddict).
It may happen when the folder is on an external HD.
But it does not always happen.
fP always works w. moving documents.
12 Jul 2010, 07:18
Re: moving objects occasionally not working
Hmm, there must be something odd with my mechanism for getting whatever the user clicked on.
You say it always works for documents, but not always for folders.

Can you try this?

1. Select the folder for which you want to pop up the contextual menu. I.e., click it and let go the mouse button so it is selected in the Finder.
2. Control-click or right-click this same folder.

Does that work any better?