2018-01-20: Sorry to be the bearer of bad news for FinderPop. First, I'm no longer developing it, or even using it - indeed I have powered up my Mac only once in the last three months and that was to copy a file off it. It's been this way for a couple of years now and unfortunately I cannot see this situation changing soon.  I fear that in a few years that MacOS X Finder as we know it will no longer exist, replaced by some iPad-styled UI.

Additionally, the hosting company I used for the FP forum (godaddy) have increased their prices to ludicrous levels considering the use the forum gets (14 posts since last summer.) I've spent the weekend trying to move the old phpBB3 forum to a more modern version that I can use on my other hosts, but with absolutely no success. It's almost as if godaddy somehow knackered their phpBB3 install to make moving it elsewhere impossible :-)

So I will make a static copy of the messages in this forum for archival / searching purposes and will move that to the new fnarr.net site in a couple of weeks.

And that will more-or-less be that, I think. I will try to answer questions on FinderPop (turly@finderpop.com) but it's really really unlikely I'll be working on FP again.  Though I should point out that I also said that in 2002. 

Thanks for the good times, it was a fun ride! Hard to believe that FP would have been 20 years old this year...

Note: some people have followed these instructions (read the entire thread) and installed the most recent FinderPop 2.5.9 beta (from 2015)
on newer systems such as 10.13 High Sierra and even 10.14 Mojave allegedly without apparent problems (or at least no major problems.)

However, other people attempting this have run into major issues with FinderPop causing hangs, mainly on Mojave: Caveat lector!
(Especially as I won't be fixing any of these issues as explained above.)

Static Copy of Old FinderPop Forums
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