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Turly's Large Camino de Santiago Pictures

Here are some of the original big 1600 * 1200 pictures of my Camino. These have been requested by various people; if you have a fave that you'd like to see bigger, let me know .

Lush Pyranean greenery

(1600x1200, 861K)

More Pyrnanean scenery

(1600x1200, 734K)


(1600x1200, 755K)

Roncesvalles rooftops

(1600x1200, 930K)


(1600x1200, 567K)


(1600x1200, 755K)

Alto del Perdón, Pamplona

(1600x1200, 731K)

Puente la Reina

(1200x1200, 331K)

Dawn - leaving Puente la Reina

(1600x1200, 364K)
(1600x1200, 420K)

Ornate side altar

Main Church, Grañón (1600x1200, 600K)

Burgos Cathedral Detail

(1600x1200, 605K)

River at Hospital de Orbigo

(1200x1200, 688K)

Plaza Mayor

Astorga (1600x120,526K)

Climbing to O Cebreiro

following River Valcarce (1600x1200, 430K)

Nearing O Cebreiro

(1600x1200, 332K)

Shaded path, nearing Samos

(1600x1200, 886K)

Flyfisherman, leaving Samos

(1200x1200, 807K)

Field of frogs

(1600x1200, 700K)

Camino as stream, near Morgade

(1200x1600, 760K)


from Portomarín (1600x1200, 500K)

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